she is the law

One night I was putting Oldest Son to bed and he was over-tired, and wanted his water bottle and after scanning his bed for about 0.003 seconds burst into frantic tears because “IT’S NOT THERE!!!”  (It was, btw.  In plain sight, but whatever.)

I opted for the high-road, and was just waiting him out, continuing the bedtime routine as though everything was normal.  Oldest Son was really getting into it though:  entire face turning red; the occasional “curse you, universe” fist shake; the rapid-fire Kevin-Bacon-warehouse-scene-in-Footloose-highstepping-footstomps, etc…

Right in the thick of it, Mommy walked around the corner of the hallway (headed to the laundry room or something un-related), and he caught just a quick, split-second glimpse of her through the side of his bedroom doorway.

Like the flip of a switch: the tears stopped; the deep-gasping-sobbing-breaths stopped; the foot-stomps were stilled; and two little words slipped from his lips in what was obviously a purely instinctive response:  “Uh oh!”

I laughed. A lot.  Mommy earned her spurs that night.


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