top o’ the food chain

Recently, Oldest Son (age four) spent a lot of time on, and spent quite a while lecturing us about the role of Benioff zones in the subduction of tectonic plates, and the cretaceous era food chain, etc…

Later, as we were getting ready to bring the kids upstairs for bed, he started to look concerned, and asked a very serious question:

Oldest Son: “But…. what it something comes…. up?  You, know, if something comes up from the ground and breaks into the house to attack us?”

Me: “Don’t worry! We’re safe in our house because of our walls, and floors and doors and locks (not to mention, Mommy and Daddy.)”

Oldest Son: “Hmmmmh… but what if it’s an apex creditor?!”

Me: “Don’t panic!  If the creditors attack, we’ll use Chapter 7 to get away from them, but, I think you probably meant apex predator, not creditor. If an apex predator attacks, we’ll be fine, because they don’t know how to use doorknobs.”

Tomorrow, I pull Oldest Son’s credit report and see WTF he’s worrying about creditors for.


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