c’mon! people know that i live here, dammit!

My kids have decided to stop being hilarious and focus exclusively on being cute and sweet for a while, which makes for great family time, but isn’t so great for the anecdotes.

Fortunately, the North Carolina state legislature has decided to pick up their slack, with a handful of state representatives offering a “bold” resolution essentially repudiating the incorporation of the bill of rights to apply against States as well as Congress, and (while they were at it) the authority of SCOTUS to determine the constitutionality of state law in the first place.Of course, these are both issues that have been long-settled by the federal courts, as the fucking geniuses at popehat point out.>

Local press reports that the resolution was proposed in response to a recent lawsuit by the ACLU against the Rowan County Commission, which insists on convening the vast majority of its meetings with explicitly Christian prayer.  (This too, is settled law in the federal courts as a “no no.”)

The only question I have is whether the Rowan County Representatives are just pandering to their electorate in full knowledge that their resolution is baseless, or whether they’re being serious.

Both options depress me unbearably; hopefully the kids will do something funny tomorrow and I can write about that instead!

In related news, this episode prompted me to finally launch my long-dreamt-of “Triangle Region NC Secessionist Movement” facebook page.

Also, local blogger The Daily Durham appears likewise impressed.

Update:  Another (local?) blog’s take

Update:  Apparently died in committee today (4/4/13), and Eugene Volokh even posted about it.


2 Responses to “c’mon! people know that i live here, dammit!”

  1. Lex Says:

    I’m in Greensboro, not Durham. But thanks for the link!

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