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in which i decide that writing about state politics is too much for my delicate constitution

April 6, 2013

outline-31326_640This is the proposed voter-ID law for North Carolina.  The highlight (for me) was mandatory photo-ID when voting, which the voter must pay for (or swear under oath that financial hardship prevents them from doing so.)

I’ll keep it brief and say that:

  • This is obviously a functional poll tax, unconstitutional under the 24th amendment.  (You can’t require people to pay money to exercise their right to vote.)
  • This will obviously cost millions to implement, and millions more to defend in the courts
  • Taken in the best possible light, this is an attempt to fix a problem that doesn’t even exist.



c’mon! people know that i live here, dammit!

April 4, 2013

My kids have decided to stop being hilarious and focus exclusively on being cute and sweet for a while, which makes for great family time, but isn’t so great for the anecdotes.

Fortunately, the North Carolina state legislature has decided to pick up their slack, with a handful of state representatives offering a “bold” resolution essentially repudiating the incorporation of the bill of rights to apply against States as well as Congress, and (while they were at it) the authority of SCOTUS to determine the constitutionality of state law in the first place. (more…)